The same faith, the same ideal
More than 80 Passion Groups from 16 Countries
Have united under this motto to
The main objective is the proclamation of the message of Christ through the representation of the Passion. With our sacred performances we want to draw attention to the Christian roots of Europe and work together for a Christian Europe. In particular, we want to convey the main Christian message: "Love one another".

Through the bonds of friendship we want to set an example and contribute to understanding between men and between peoples and, therefore, also to peace.

With the sacred plays, regardless of their embodiment, we also want to safeguard the traditions. We want to open ourselves to progress without losing sight of the essential and without forgetting the important message in order to safeguard and pass on these traditions in our time and in the future.

In our ever-changing society, however, we want to attach particular value to intercultural and ecumenical dialogue. In our activity, the involvement of young people is of particular importance, in fact they will be the ones to build our future.

Together with them we want to build our common Europe.

Josef Lang
Honorary member and former General Secretary of Europassion
Prayer of the actor before entering the scene
Dear God,
you are the verb that came into the world to live among us.

All your life you have found the right word to give comfort to the needy.

During your suffering and death on the cross, your words gave consolation to those who accompanied you along the way to Golgotha and conveyed to them the message of salvation that you brought to humanity.

Today you ask us to bring to others the events of the last days of your life.

We thank you for giving us the talents of speech and theater.

Help us to always unite these talents with the gift of listening and willingness to help others.

Give us a good memory so that we remember the text we have to recite.

Give us the necessary concentration so that we worthily integrate the role we have to play.

Revive our faith so that we touch the hearts of all who hear us.

It animates in us the spirit of solidarity which is what keeps the entire group that performs the sacred representation united.

When we leave the scene, enter our lives with the loving message of your suffering and resurrection. And when the time comes to join you in eternity, let us remember the words that you, despite the suffering of your Passion, gave to the world.

Glory to you, Jesus Christ, Glory to you, Holy Spirit, who gives us life, Glory to you, God the Creator, forever and ever.